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Promoting the participation of women and girls in political life in Burkina Faso

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BEOG NEERE in partnership with NED initiates the project entitled "Promoting the responsible participation of women and girls in the process of democratization in Burkina Faso in a context of emerging democracy after three decades of dictatorship."

The project aims to help establish a peaceful democracy in Burkina Faso and more specifically to promote the active and responsible participation of women and girls in the early democratic process that begun after the coupled elections (Presidential and legislative) of 29 November 2015. This project will be carried out in the three most vulnerable regions (Sahel, Est et Haut-Bassins). It aims to directly empower 100 leaders, girls and women, members of political parties and civil society organizations (CSOs). These Empowered women and young girls will in turn impact 1000 peers through reinvestment plans. They will be trained on the following topics:

    • Tools for social accountability;
    • Citizenship Jury;
    • Leadership and civic participation;
    • Advocacy;
    • Communication techniques focused on the use of ICT.

The project runs from February 2017 to January 2018. As a reminder, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is an organization supported by the American Congress that invests in the strengthening of democracy throughout the world. NED intervenes directly or indirectly through its satellite organizations such as NDI, IRI, ACILS, CIPE to finance projects that are part of its mission.

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