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Our Projects

Child labor and mining in Burkina Faso

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With AUSAID funding under the Human Rights Grants Scheme (HRGS), we are carrying out research and implementing advocacy services to help protect children’s rights in Burkina Faso.

The project is entitled “Children’s rights protection in the context of natural resource exploitation in Burkina Faso - an engagement program with corporations, affected communities and government.”

The main objective of the project is to contribute to enhance policies regarding children’s work on mining sites:

  • Promote positive change in policies or actions of government or relevant non‐state actors in the area of human rights;
  • Promote observance and implementation of international human rights standards;
  • Promote and strengthen national or regional human rights institutions or mechanisms.

The outcomes are the followings:

  • The phenomenon size report including gender related aspects;
  • Strong policy relevant recommendations report for children’s rights protection on mining sites;
  • Communication reports (workshops and seminar including government: policymakers, mining companies and grassroots organizations).

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